Choose Your Own Pokemon Adventure, Chapter 2

Choose Your Own Pokémon Adventure
Chapter 2 – The First Catch
Aquacorde Town – Santalune Forest

When we last left off, Ashley had encountered her first wild Pokémon: a Pidgey. All of this chapter’s decisions were left in our trainer’s capable hands. Let’s see how she deals with the twists and turns of Santalune Forest.

“Woah, what’s that Pokémon?”

I pull out my Pokedex and point it at the bird.


“Okay, a flying type. That would be handy to have on my team. Go, Pokéball!”

I wind up to the side and send a Pokéball flying towards the small bird. The Pidgey flies up a few feet and the ball soars harmlessly below it.

“Hey, Smashley!” I hear an annoyingly familiar voice approaching. “Don’t you know you have to weaken a Pokémon before you can catch it?”

Damn it, shut up Calem.

“I know that! Come on out, Steve. Let’s show this little birdy what we’re made of.”

Steve leaps out of his ball and lands in a thicket of grass. A group of small bug Pokémon crawl away from the impact.

 I’ll have to catch one of those later.

 “Alright. Steve: Bubble!”

A stream of bubbles shoot from his mouth. It seems like a more concentrated blast than when I battled Shauna.

“Your Pokémon get stronger the more you use them,” chirps Shauna, as if she somehow knew what I was thinking.

The new-and-improved bubbles explode on contact with the defenseless bird, and it falls to the grassy ground, clearly in critical condition.

Now you can try to catch it,” says Calem.

I throw a Pokéball through gritted teeth. It connects with the Pidgey, engulfs it in a red light, and absorbs it into its spherical containment.


 Shake, shake.

 Shake, shake.

“Sometimes, a Pokémon still has enough strength to break out of a Pokéball,” explains Shauna. “That’s what’s going on right now.”

The Pokéball finally comes to a rest.

“Yes! I caught my first Pokémon.”

I run over to pick it up and, as I do, I see a boy coming over to me. He’s waving at me, trying to tell me something.

“Um, hey, excuse me,” he says when he gets within a few feet. “Did you know you can nickname your Pokémon?”

“Oh yeah? I’m going to call this Pidgey Little Birdy then.”

“Oh!” he replies, a little taken aback. “You’ve already picked up the Pokéball you used to catch it. Now it’ll only respond to its species name. You have to do it before you touch the ball.”

Where were you a few minutes ago?

 “I see. Thanks, bud.”

“My name’s Markus! Markus Wells.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Markus. My name’s Ashley. But I should be…”

“Can I call you Ash? Are you just starting your adventure? You should catch a bunch of Pokémon. Like, 100!”

Heh, this guy’s really excited about this.

 “That seems like a lot. How about 10?”

“I guess that’d be enough…but don’t forget you can only carry six at a time. The rest get transferred digitally to a storage system that you can access from computer terminals in Pokémon centres.”

I thank him, shake his hand, and start walking toward the entrance to Santalune Forest.

“Oh – Ash, wait!”

“What is it, Markus?”

“If you catch a Caterpie, can you call it “Worm”? Pikachu should be “Ben Drowned,” Scatterbug should be “Harry Potter,” and…”

“Okay, okay,” I say, between laughs. “That’s enough. I promise to do that. Now I’ve got to be going.”

“It was nice to meet you!”

I barely hear that as I start running to the forest entrance.


Finally. I get to go on a real adventure.

 “That was nice of you to humour that dweeb,” Calem sneers.

“Calem!” Shauna gasps. “That’s not very nice. You’re going to keep your promise, right, Smashley?”

I shrug. “Yeah, sure. Why not? Who knows, maybe I’ll run into him again one day.”

As I walk between the first pair of trees that mark the entrance to Santalune Forest, the beating sun fades behind the thick overhang, leaving only the beautiful komorebi to light the way.

“I knew you were a good person,” Shauna says smiling as I gently roll my eyes. “Let’s go through the forest together; I’ll heal your Pokémon if they get hurt.”


[End of Chapter 2]


 Thanks to Markus Wells for his comments this week. We’ll see his Pokémon nicknames in next week’s chapter.

Do you want to be an NPC in the game? Offer suggestions on strategy, encounters, and more? Submit your team and trainer name for Ashley to battle? Comment below or tweet your suggestions to @thepulppress or @ericrsilver with the hashtag #CYOPA.

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