The Ultimate Adventure! Graphic Content Presents the Final Two Screenings Ever!

In support of our delightful contributors, Matt Bowes and Erin Fraser, we’ve decided to share the following press release in the hopes that you might check out one of the films this month.

Edmonton’s Graphic Content film series returns at Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre for our last-ever film events June 15th and 17th. On Father’s Day, June 15th, join us for an encore screening of our most-requested film, 1978’s Superman! This special 3:00 PM screening features free admissions for dads, so make sure to bring your Pa.

On June 17th at 7:00 PM, Graphic Content will take the stage at the Metro one last time, as we screen 2008’s Justice League: The New Frontier. The adaptation of Canadian comics creator Darwyn Cooke’s fantastic retelling of the Justice League’s first adventure will thrill and delight audiences one last time. Come by early for cake and memories.

Both screenings will be at Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre, with the box office opening at 6:00 PM for Justice League and 2:00 PM for Superman. As always, Warp One Comics and Games will be on hand presenting this month’s booklist of comics, all of which have aesthetic or literary ties to the film. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and seniors. Come by early and check out the comics we’ve chosen to go along with the screening!

Poster design by Jordan Carson
About the series:

Graphic Content is a monthly film series that promotes and explores the relationship between film and sequential art. Every month, curators Matt Bowes and Erin Fraser bring a film to the screen that displays comics’ varied content, rich history, and unique style. Alongside, they carefully select a booklist of comic books, graphic novels, and manga that thematically and aesthetically relate to the film. Lists are published on their website prior to the film and books are available to purchase before and after the main feature.

The overall intent of the project is to promote cross-media literacy, to explore comics’ content through the lens of film, and to share the love of comics within the shared environment that the cinema imparts. Now in its third and final season, Graphic Content continues to bring comics’ very best to the silver screen, including feline pop music, over the top revenge drama, intergalactic space babes, and gangsters both campy and deep! Presented in partnership with Metro Cinema and Warp One Comics and Games


About the curators:

Matt Bowes is a lifelong comics fan who parleyed his love of the medium into a job at Edmonton’s premiere comics retailer, Warp One Comics and Games. While he no longer works at that fine establishment, he’s still involved with them in the curation of Graphic Content. Matt is also a member of the Metro Cinema’s Guest Curation Committee, which meets monthly to discuss film selections at the theatre. His writings on pop culture can be found at his blog This Nerding Life and Edmonton geek culture site The Pulp, and his random musings about life are on Twitter at @matt_bowes.

Erin Fraser is a film and media expert who sits on both Metro Cinema’s Guest Curation Committee as well as its Audience and Fund Development Committee. While she enjoys titles of all modes and genres, she is especially interested in the representation and role of women in comics and fandom. Accordingly, she contributes to the online female-produced journal Sequential Tart. She is also the bi-weekly co-host of Trash, Art, and The Movies, the podcast that pits highbrow cinema against brainless entertainment and then declares a victor. Her highly subjective film opinions can be found on Twitter at @erinefraser.

This press release was shared by Graphic Content at the Metro Cinema.

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