Five Four Club brings fandoms to the office

Written by Russ Dobler

Do you want to rep your inner comic book geek while still maintaining your secret identity as a mild-mannered, working adult? The Five Four Club may have your superhero solution.

The clothing monthly subscription service – think of a business casual Loot Crate – held a pop-up exhibition at Manhattan’s Openhouse Gallery on the weekend of March 28, and The Pulp was there to chat with Five Four executive assistant Quinn Mason about their new Marvel-inspired collection and to snap some exclusive photos.

“Everyone seems so excited about it because all the pieces are things you can wear to work or during the day,” Mason says. That even includes people who work in Marvel’s New York office, who Mason says stopped by on the 27th to preview the wares.


Available exclusively to club members in the month of April, David Appel’s Avengers-themed creations emphasize “design through discretion,” so you can blend in with the normals. Imagine a jacket with comic book panels in the lining, or a pocket with an image of Captain America’s shield inside.

“They’re pretty casual but there’s just little, subtle hints,” Mason says.

Many of the items are reversible, though, for when you want to let your freak flag fly, and there are enough secret pouches to make Deadpool proud.

Hidden pocket
Hidden pocket!

The Five Four Club began as the label Five Four Clothing, before shifting focus to the now-trendy monthly subscription model in 2012.

“It’s $60 a month, and we’ll send you a package with, usually, two to three items,” Mason explains. “You pick your style profile – fill out a questionnaire – and you get matched with a stylist who picks your clothes each month.”

DSCN0621 DSCN0622 DSCN0624

New members signing up before the end of April can still get in on the Avengers collection, but if you miss out, have no fear, True Believers – Five Four has a two-year licensing deal with Marvel, and a new batch of subversive super-duds will drop this fall. Mason says she’s actually more looking forward to that group, as it will have a greater focus on her personal favorite character, the Hulk.

The Five Four Club is open to membership in both Canada and the United States.

DSCN0626 DSCN0627 DSCN0628 DSCN0630

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