Anime-BOM: Let Someone Else Do The Watching

Written by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

Who doesn’t like boxes of mystery? Whether you’re an anime fan or not, Anime-BOM’s (a.k.a. Anime Box of Mystery’s) YouTube channel serves up plenty of sarcastic and silly commentary to amuse anyone from weeaboos to normies. 

How does it work? Take a group of friends (including The Pulp’s C. B. W. Caswell and Tom from UnsanityLive), some who are well-versed in anime and some who can’t tell an Elric from a shinigami, make them watch a random episode from a random anime selected from a big box of mystery, and record the results. Warning: You may be amused. Not least because the box of anime in question was found abandoned behind an old rental store’s dumpster. What treasures does this box hold? 

The (quite literal) Anime Box of Mystery.

We asked each of the personalities behind Anime-BOM to describe the channel in ten words or less.

Caleb: “We put the ‘Kawaii’ in ‘Kawaii am I watching this?'”

Tom: “I don’t know what’s happening. I think that’s a plus.”

Carson: “I found anime in a dumpster and said ‘Why not?'”

Fuad: “From the team that thought Waifus were a cleaning product.”

Eric: “Watching random Anime DVDs: Torture for us, humour for you!”

Kyle: “Ruining Japan’s relationship with Canada. One video at a time.”

Mystery Member X: “Stupid.”

You can watch their latest episode here:

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