Metro Cinema presents Falling Into Place: Four Films by Satoshi Kon

Written by Brendan Brown

This winter, experience complex storytelling, themes of identity, reality, and illusion, and art that delves into the depths of the human psyche—all in the form of Japanese animation. Falling Into Place: Four Films by Satoshi Kon is curated by Pulp contributors Erin Fraser and Brendan Brown and will be featured at Metro Cinema from January to February of this year.

Falling Into Place – Trailer from Brendan Brown on Vimeo.

“Satoshi Kon used the hand-drawn medium to explore social stigmas and the human psyche, casting a light on our complexities in ways that might have failed in live action. Much of it was gritty, intense, and at times, even nightmarish. Kon didn’t shy away from mature subject matter or live-action sensibilities in his work, and his films will always occupy a fascinating middle ground between ‘cartoons’ and the world as we know it.” – Dean DeBlois, co-director of DreamWorks’ How to Train Your Dragon

A critically acclaimed Japanese animator and director, Satoshi Kon broke into the industry as a manga artist before moving into film animation. While he worked as a writer and animator on a number of shows and movies, Kon’s directorial debut took place with the film Perfect Blue (1997), which was followed by Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003), and Paprika (2006).

Much of Kon’s work deals with blurring the lines between reality and the imaginary, focusing on the gritty aspects of human nature. After directing four feature-length films, he passed away of pancreatic cancer in 2010.

All four of Kon’s films will be showing at Metro Cinema over the next couple of months, with three showings per film. The following times and film synopses are provided by Metro Cinema.


Perfect Blue

Director: Satoshi Kon
Japan 1997, 81 min

  • Jan 9 @ 7pm
  • Jan 10 @ 4pm
  • Jan 13 @ 9:30pm

Singer Mima Kirigoe wanted a change and finally got one when she resigned from her bubblegum-pop group to pursue her dream as a dramatic actress.
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Millennium Actress

Director: Satoshi Kon
Japan 2001, 87 min

  • Jan 16 @ 7pm
  • Jan 17 @ 4pm
  • Jan 20 @ 9:30pm

When an old movie studio is being demolished, a television interviewer tracks down its most famous star, the reclusive Chiyo Fujiwara.


Tokyo Godfathers

Director: Satoshi Kon
Japan 2003, 92 min

  • Feb 6 @ 7pm
  • Feb 7 @ 4pm
  • Feb 10 @ 9:30pm

An alcoholic, a trans-woman, and a teenaged runaway hunker down to spend a difficult Christmas homeless in central Tokyo when they discover an abandoned baby and vow to return it home.



Director: Satoshi Kon
Japan 2007, 90 min

  • Feb 13 @ 7pm
  • Feb 14 @ 4pm
  • Feb 17 @ 9pm

In the near future, psychiatric researchers develop a revolutionary device that allows therapists to view the dreams of their patients.

More information on these screenings can be found on the Metro Cinema website.

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