New York Comic Con FLASH INTERVIEW:  Space Artist Jedidiah Dore

Written by Russ Dobler

You never know what you’ll find at New York Comic Con. While roaming the show floor at this year’s sanctioned madness, pulp contributor Russ Dobler discovered the stylized space exploration art of Jedidiah Dore. He had to know more.

Dobler:  So I just stumbled on your booth here today, tell us who you are, and what you do, and what it’s all about.

Dore:  I’m Jedidiah Dore. I’m based in New York – actually Austin, Texas now – but I was in New York for about 20 years. I do a series called “Stellar Science Series.” I started probably about eight years ago, and it’s ongoing.

Dobler:  A series of artwork?

Dore:  A series of artwork. It’s STEM-inspired, and everything to do with space, and space travel and space probes.

Dobler:  Do you have a background in science, or where does your interest come from?

Dore:  I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid.

Dobler:  [laughs] Didn’t we all?

Dore:  Well, I really, really wanted to be one, but I drew a lot, so here I am. It’s just really what inspired me. I do everything science-related, whenever I do illustrations and stories and things … It’s allowed me to also illustrate for some of the space companies that I love.

Dobler:  They contact you? Did they know about your stuff?

Dore:  Yeah, I was doing a maker faire, and there was a NASA group at [the] maker faire. I actually did one last week. They just freaked out. Some of the NASA Ames [Research Center] guys in California were saying, “Your stuff is decorated everywhere here!”

Dobler:  I see there’s a lot of “sold out” stickers on the prints here today.

Dore:  Yeah, I’m actually offering free shipping for anyone who orders now. I’m just happy to bring it here to Comic Con.

Dobler:  What do you think is the most popular design?

Dore:  Probably the Curiosity rover. That’s probably the most popular. I love that, because it’s so inspiring. It’s funny, because this is actually – I do a lot of location drawing; that’s what the drawings are based on. So I drew this one at [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], and that is the rover called “Maggie,” which I kind of describe as Curiosity’s stunt double.

Dobler:  Is this the only thing you do in art? Are you a professional artist in other ways?

Dore:  I’ve been illustrating for about 20 years. I do editorials; I do all different kinds of campaigns. Mostly editorial work, commercial art … I just love drawing.

Dobler:  You said that this stuff is all over NASA. Is there any thought about maybe inspiring younger people to get into science, or to enjoy these sorts of things, or is it like you said, you just like drawing?

Dore:  I just remember as a kid, that feeling. I was inspired by anything science-related and space-related. And so it inspires a lot of my artwork, so I wanted to do that … to inspire other kids to get into engineering, or inspire other kids to get into drawing, or inspire them to get into STEM-related subjects.


Dore’s “Stellar Science Series” prints featuring Apollo 11, the International Space Station, the Mars Curiosity rover and more are available at

Images courtesy of Jedidiah Dore.

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