End of the Earth: YEG comic satire at its finest

Written by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

If you live in Edmonton, you know this already: our city can be great, and it can be ridiculous. We have the AGA, the Muttart, and food and culture festivals out the wazoo. We also have the Talus balls. Can’t win them all.

Chad Huculak’s End of the Earth comic takes everything that is brilliant and laughable about Edmonton and condenses it into a cutting and hilarious graphical commentary on life in our city. The comic strip, which has traditionally run on the Gig City website, has recently been released in book form, housing some of Huculak’s most quick-witted comic creations.

Image courtesy of chadhuculak.com

“Filled with classic Edmonton in-jokes and colorful characters this book is a must read for anyone who loves Edmonton and loves poking fun at our many foibles and quirks. You know you’ve made it in this city when you appear in one of Chad Huculak’s comics.” – Monto Books

I’d hate to say that you won’t get it unless you’re from or currently live in Edmonton, but those who can relate to some of the more stereotypical aspects of our city will find endless sources of humour in Huculak’s book.

From Edmonton’s love for donairs, to poking fun at the Oilers, to conversations centred on trucks, hockey, and beer, Huculak takes a shot at them all–and it’s guaranteed to give you a chuckle.

Image courtesy of chadhuculak.com

One of the great things about this book is that Huculak clearly keeps his finger on the pulse of the city. He knows what gets people riled up, what to satirize, and what stereotypes to perpetuate. As an Edmontonian for almost 18 years (and a northsider, to boot), reading this book gave me a delightful sense of insider humour. It’s like poking fun at an old friend–you know their flaws inside and out, but you love them anyways. I strongly recommend picking up a copy to anyone who’s an Edmontonian at heart.

Image courtesy of chadhuculak.com

End of the Earth is published by Edmonton’s newest independent publisher, Monto Books, a company that focuses on publishing works by creators in the city. After End of the Earth‘s official launch party at Happy Harbor Comics on November 5, 2016, the comic became available for purchase at multiple comic and book stores throughout the city. It is also available for purchase online from the Monto Books website.

Chad Huculak’s website

Follow Chad on Twitter

Monto Books website

[Note: Sample comics in this article not necessarily included in End of the Earth book.]

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