Do you know what pulp is?

Pulp consists of the meaty bits. It’s that best part of a glass of orange juice. It’s the chunks of strained newspaper that, collectively, manage to form your paper mache hat. It’s sensationalist fiction from the early 1900s.

The original pulp fiction publications were extremely inexpensive, ridiculously quirky, and unbelievably entertaining. This online magazine is a nod to the greats of pulp. May our modern day culture be as historically interesting 100 years from now.

The Pulp is a free online magazine for the rest of the people – made and run by writers and awesome people. Zap some popcorn, don your sweatpants, and prepare to be entertained.


Founded in January 2014 as a non-profit project by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith, The Pulp has since thrived as a source for local pop culture coverage, nerd-related content, and great writing. The website continues to exist because of its writers and contributors.


Cheryl Cottrell-Smith, Editor-in-Chief | Contact
Matt Bowes, Arts + Film Editor | Contact
Eric Silver, Contributor
Kelsey Beier, Contributor
Steve Munro, Contributor
Teresa Simmons, Contributor
Trent Wilkie, Contributor
Russ Dobler, Contributor
Sherry Lawler, Contributor
CBW Caswell, Contributor
Erin Fraser, Contributor
Allan Mott, Contributor
Aaron Taylor, Contributor
Brendan Brown, Contributor
Jonny Lobo, Contributor
Sam Sheplawy, Contributor
Brendan Thompson, Contributor


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UnsanityLIVE on Twitch
Bollywood is for Lovers Podcast
Edmonton Nerd List

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