The resurrection of Johnny Canuck

Written by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith Not all Kickstarter campaigns are winners. The global crowdfunding platform states that they “bring creative projects to life,” which is all fine and dandy until someone raises $40,000 to make potato salad. Or gets $67,000 to build a Robocop statue in Detroit. Rachel Richey’s project, unlike many Kickstarter campaigns, has a selfless cause at its heart. Her goal was to raise $23,000 to reprint and publish Leo Bachle’s 1942 Canadian comic book series, Johnny Canuck. “I got involved in comics when I discovered the collection at LAC had not been catalogued.” A comic book historian and … Continue reading The resurrection of Johnny Canuck

Looking for comics? Ask Variant Edition.

Variant Edition is something else. The new Edmonton-based comic book recommendation engine is led by Wizard’s Comics whiz and Comics! The Blog co-founder, Brandon Schatz. Comic enthusiasts can check the site for daily recommendations, using tags to hop between other related content on the site. Rather than the tired critique or the negative review, which we see all too often on comic review sites, Variant Edition opts for the challenge of putting forward different comics for public approval. It’s a risk, but the people behind it know what they’re doing—they live in the industry of comic books and they have … Continue reading Looking for comics? Ask Variant Edition.