Cloth Armoury: gaming-inspired streetwear

Written by Cheryl Cottrell-Smith

Geek gear rules the vendor halls at comic conventions. Supernatural t-shirts, Toothless hoodies, kigus by the dozen, LoZ hats and jewelry–take your pick. At The Pulp, we’re huge fans of supporting entrepreneurs on the quest to bring geek gear to the masses. And, even though we’re Canadian, we definitely have a soft spot for people creating gaming-inspired clothing–even if they’re on the other side of the world.

Image courtesy of Cloth Armoury

Enter: Cloth Armoury. Hailing from the Australian down under (also home to the epic geek gear of Living Dead Clothing and Black Milk Clothing), Cloth Armoury specializes in “Gear made for Geeks, by Geeks.” Their original t-shirt designs are heavily influenced by games and pop culture, including lines such as “Steampunked,” “Combat Ready,” “Dark Side,” and more.

Images courtesy of Cloth Armoury

Founded by Len and Vad, the Cloth Armoury line seeks to offer gear that speaks to the individuality of geeks and gamers. As per their Kickstarter page, the two came up with the idea for Cloth Armoury “when we set out to translate our obsession into clothes that allow you to take your favourite gaming/geek universe wherever you go.” And, no matter your geeky passion, the themes on their gear should translate for just about anybody interested in pop culture. “Whether you’re a hardcore shooter, a classic Sci-Fi nerd, or a self-proclaimed wizard, Cloth Armoury will provide you with the threads to express your inner geek to the real world!”

Len and Vad | Image courtesy of Cloth Armoury

The Kickstarter still has eight days left for funding, with rewards such as gamer tees and Cloth Armoury logo embroidered caps available for a variety of pledges. Check out what the brand has to offer on their Kickstarter page or visit their website for more information. You can also follow Cloth Armoury on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Find Cloth Armoury on Kickstarter

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